All academic programmes are conducted in a fun-filled manner creating immense interest in the young students.


Through puppet shows, stories revolving around good moral values, habits & behaviors, etiquettes & manners are taught in a playful manner.


Just as the theoretical studies in science subjects are supplemented by practical classes, for our young students these field visits provide them with a practical back up to their book knowledge along with the fun element.


Etiquette and good moral values as well as conversational English are covered during the library period, by telling them relevant stories.


Novel method to further the expertise of students in their study matter is achieved through this Knowledge Fest. Students make projects or models on their topics of learning and display it in the exhibition, where parents are invited. It is wonderful & unique to see, the tiny students explain about their projects to the parents visiting the exhibition.


It is conducted on the last working day of each month to encourage the students to participate and develop a healthy competitive spirit so as to do even better in the coming months. A parent is invited as the Chief Guest in such programmes which greatly enthuses the young ones to push the envelope.


The thoughtful Founder of the institution introduced this system of holding a Convocation for the students passing out from Kindergarten to Primary level and also for those from Primary to Secondary level, emulating the practice of convocations held by Universities for onferring degrees. This system has not only been going a long way in inspiring the young ones for more dedicated studies but has also been infusing a strong sense of responsibility and creating a feeling in the child that s/he is an important member of the institution. At the Convocation a beautiful certificate is warded in recognition of the child’s achievement. Their pride & joy,when wearing the convocation attire, is a worthy sight.


Attractive and interesting worksheets with pictures are given to the students. The method of providing these worksheets has proved to be very effective in arousing students’ enormous interest and supplements teaching activity.