Heartily welcoming the parents who would be taking new admission and thanking the existing parents who have ever extended whole-hearted support for the flowering growth of our NES Sunbeam School. Our school will be cordially receiving all tiny children as seeds to be bloomed into bouquet of beautiful flowers.It is natural that parents, when judging the best school for their children, will be seeking many details and to allay their anxiety we are mentioning in this brochure as much details as possible to enable parents make a rightful decision. In the same breath, I do,however, assure that once they enroll their children with us they will be turned over as bright young citizens of the country with,graduation or post graduation degrees, available here even in professional disciplines and, this is our solemn commitment.

I am also confident that the parents will find in this NES Sunbeam School a second sweet home for their children, where they are groomed with motherly care and fatherly control. Instances are many where the children have preferred to come to school to study in a fun-filled manner rather than be at home. I feel necessary to clarify that, following the latest concept of educating children, I have made the best of arrangements to support the classroom teaching with practicals and activities conducted outdoors and even at far off places of educational interest. That is why the NES Sunbeam School has earned an enviable position among the pre-primary schools of the entire locality.

Dr. R. Varadarajan
Founder – President